Pave Your Path

Sometimes You Have To Eliminate The Chatter And Pave Your Own Path

It’s that time of year where I would normally be walking the streets of New Orleans in the beaming hot sun but instead I’m sitting in my house on my bed writing this blog entry. Yesterday I spent the day doing my youngest sons hair and the day before that I spent the day creating memories with my kids as we watched Season 3 of Stranger Things.

These last few days that I would normally spend in the hustle and bustle of the Essence Festival as I have done year after year after year are fun, tiring and exciting but this year taking that time to Eliminate The Chatter and Pave my Own Path have been so enlightening to me. Words can’t express the weigh that has been lifted. I’ve found myself so consumed at times desiring to do things that others are doing but I realized thats their path not mine. Experiences that I have experienced are some that would normally break a persons spirit but they strengthened mine. God gives you exactly what you can bear. Lord I must be the strongest person in the world. LOL!

Pave Your Path
Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

And…sometimes you can become your worst critic. I had to learn this the hard way when it came to my blog. I would sit and imagine all the glitz and glam from sharing content and my life with the world, what others would think of me and how would my post come across once published then one day I challenged myself to write a post for 30 days straight. No planning. Just writing. Initially it was a major challenge coming up with content but then as the days passed I begin to share more transparent post about myself, learn how to create evergreen post, add more creative ways to share places that I enjoyed and basically looking at my site as my personal online diary. When I started I didn’t think that I would be able to do 30 days then 30 turned into 60 then 90 and today marks Day 97.  Over these past 97 days I have pushed myself to limits that I never thought I could accomplish writing. My end goal is to write for a major publication. The preparation comes from being creative with these daily post. See thats another way to eliminate the chatter within saying that it can’t be done because your busy or its too many post. 

You see having a blog is more than just making money. Sure I make money from my blog but that wasn’t my reason for starting it. I started it to share my life and experiences with others and if by doing that I just happen to encourage or motivate at least one person then thats worth a million dollars to me.  I get such a joy out of using my experiences to help someone else and this week I had time to reflect on what it meant to pave my own path and eliminate the chatter. My goals for my blog have changed over the years and honestly over the past 97 days. Unfortunately the majority of the chatter that I was hearing was actually coming from within myself. I can’t tell you how many days I wanted to quit the writing challenge but I continued to PUSH THROUGH. Hey it soon became an inner challenge and whenever I felt like I wasn’t up to the daily challenge I felt like I some how let my own self done. I know that may sound crazy but its true. It’s as if I was slightly disappointed until I finished my entry and hit the PUBLISH button. It helps that the past week I’ve been reading an early press copy of #Futureboards by Sarah Centrella. Trust me this book was heaven sent. I”ll share more about the book later because its definitely one that every entrepreneur should read. 

This week as I prayed, wrote in my journal, added blog entries online and wrote out my plans for the next six months all I could do was smile at myself because I have come such a long way. My path is mine and mine alone. It’s the beautiful yet bumpy road that God peeped into my future knowing that it was the divine one for me. So as you read this Darling know that God loves you and so do I. If this little girl from Carver Village in Savannah, Georgia can accomplish all that I have during my 43 years than so can you. KEEP GOING SIS! KEEP GOING BRO! PUSH UNTIL YOU CAN’T PUSH ANYMORE. My daddy always says the moment that you feel comfortable is the moment that your done!