"Zoes Kitchen" "Mediterrean" "Healthy Food"

Zoës Kitchen Restaurant Review

“I was provided with a Gift Card to Zoe’s Kitchen. All opinions and thoughts are my own.”


The other day while out Christmas Shopping I decided to take a quick break and grab some lunch and decided to head to Zoës, which happens to be a restaurant that is passionate about the Mediterranean way of life. They believe in a fun filled, happy life shared with your family, friends and of course amazing food. Upon arrival I discovered that  Zoës use simple yet fresh ingredients and all of their dishes are made from scratch daily. Can you imagine? I can never turn down fresh food and since I am all about that yogi lifestyle eating nutritious, fresh food is right up my alley. What’s great about  Zoës is they are a great place to stop and grab an amazing meal while running errands, holiday shopping or just when you want to take a break from your busy life or preparing dinner to grab a nutritious meal made fresh to order.

"Zoes Kitchen" "Mediterrean" "Healthy Food"

Upon entering the store you are immediately welcomed by the staff and these delicious Greek Dressing and Spice of Life display that we definitely an eye catcher. I loved the fact that they offered the same dressing that they serve with their salads. That’s a plus and its easy to grab one or a few for surprise Christmas gifts.

"Zoës Kitchen" "Mediterranean" "Healthy Food" And just in case your really in a hurry Zoës offers host of Grab N Go goodies. If you happen to be looking for a gift for me why not take advantage of their “Give A Gift Filled with Goodness” AKA Holiday Gift Bag which consist of a $25 Giftcard, Spice Of Life, Cookie and $5 Bonus Card. See image below:

"Zoës Kitchen" "Mediterranean" "Healthy Food"

“Zoës offers so many delicious choices but I decided to try their chicken salad sandwich on 7 grain bread which cam with my choice of side so I chose the pasta salad and their chocolate chip cookie.

"Zoës Kitchen" "Mediterranean" "Healthy Food"

"Zoës Kitchen" "Mediterranean" "Healthy Food"

I enjoyed my lunch and will definitely go there again for lunch and dinner. I would love to share a special promo code “goodness” with my readers to receive free Hummus & Pita. Hummus is one of our nutrient-dense Mediterranean-inspired signature dishes that makes a great snack or starter! Follow the instructions below to redeem the mobile app code:

Instructions to redeem Free Hummus & Pita:

  1. Download the Zoës Kitchen app
  2. Go to the menu at the top and select “GOODIES”
  3. Select “MY GOODIES”
  4. Select “PROMO CODE”
  5. Enter “goodness” (all lower case) and press “ENTER”
  6. You will have 14 days to redeem this offer from the day you enter “goodness” into the app. December 31st is the last day to enter the code into the app.