"How We Family" "Tylenol" "Gabrielle Union" "Love"

Love And Our Family Adventures Connects Us & That’s #HowWeFamily

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My sister and I are best friends and would go to the moon and beyond for one another, however we live 3.5 hours away from one another but the distance seems like a few miles away because our love connects us. I’m the mother of three sons ages 19, 12 & 9 while my sister is the mother of two sons ages 16 & 11 and a daughter age 14. Although we live a good distance from one another that has never stopped our kids from building the same connection that my sister and I share. Whenever our kids get together there is nothing but love and fun times.

"How We Family" "Tylenol" "Gabrielle Union" "Love"

 My sister and I made a promise to one another to always make sure that our kids share the same bond that we share and savor every moment creating life long memories. One of the kids favorite memories of #HowWeFamily is adventures that we have at the outdoor ice skating rink. The most exciting aspect of this particular memory is they all were able to share the moment of outdoor ice skating together. In the past we have always done the indoor ice skating but there is just something magical about outdoor skating especially when you get a little bit of snow flakes falling. Simply Amazing!

"How We Family" "Tylenol" "Gabrielle Union" "Love"

"How We Family" "Tylenol" "Gabrielle Union" "Love"

This holiday season, TYLENOL® is continuing to celebrate all families and how they come together during this special time of the year. The video is a compilation of real moments from real families that showcases joy, laughter, surprise, and unconditional love . 

Use #HowWeFamily to share how you create memories and share love with your family!

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