The definition of Survive is to continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship. Whew! Where do I start? Ever since I started my blog I  have always intentionally shared my ups and downs with my readers. August was a MESS! PERIOD!! I ain’t sugar coating anything. It was a DISASTER for my besties and I. It seemed as if one of us or two of us were constantly in spiritual warfare. In my 43 years I can honestly say that this past month I felt it. I remember sitting in church while I lived in Savannah as I served my Bishop & Apostle as their armor bearer learning about spiritual warfare, how to recognize it and the methods to gird my body with the full armor of God but never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate the battle to come from familiars. What are familiars? Well it’s those well known from long or close association; in close friendship; intimate. Yeah! That part! Listen I feel like I have been in a battle for my life literally! All because I have an ear to hear from God and Move! This isn’t my first go around! I was trained for this season!

I’m not in the business of pointing fingers so I will leave well enough alone. It all boils down to: I SURVIVED BECAUSE THE FIRE INSIDE ME BURNED BRIGHTER THAN THE FIRE AROUND ME! PERIOD! I SURVIVED!

I’m the same little girl who grew up with her stepdad and mom in a small house in Carver Village. I’m the same girl who the drug dealers in Carver Village thought they would destroy by selling family members drugs. I’m the same girl who raised her sister and provided for both of us. I’m the same girl who prayed daily at 12 & 6PM on the altar crying out to God. I’m the same woman who graduated high school, went on to get her Bachelors and Masters Degree. I’m the same woman who worked for two Fortune 500 businesses with the Spirit of Excellence. I’m the same woman who survived a divorce and was forced to raise three brilliant young men. I’m the same woman who grinds daily to take care of her family. I’m the same woman who loves to serve in ministry. I’m the same woman who also recognizes her worth and no longer desires to be seen as invaluable. I’m the same woman who will give you her last even when in need. I’m that same woman who can hear from God and give you instructions on how to handle your problems. I’m the same woman who has been without a car for 19 months yet never complained or made a big fuss out of it. Yet I continued to work, grind and serve. I’m the same woman who made a critical decision “To Stand For Something Or Fall For Anything”. I’m the same woman who began to see her value and desired to NOT BE USED for my god given gifts and talents that I never asked for but God deemed me worthy to receive them. I’m the same woman that you overlooked for positions yet hired outside sources. I’m the same woman that you claimed to once love but tired to destroy. I’m the same woman that you seek to turn others against me but God had a different plan for my life. I’m the same woman that has been through things that would have killed others but I SURVIVED! I’m the same woman who knows her worth and will never demand less than that! 


The last three days of August I chose to Fast and Pray. Guess what? I SURVIVED! As I close this chapter of my past and venture into my NEW, September will be a September To Remember. It’s not always bells and whistles starting over or making a conscious decision to walk away but out of pain there is joy. God has never forsaken me and he’s brought me all of this way I know that he’ll always be by my side. If you’re reading this I just want you to know that no matter what the situation may be….