"Jamaican Bounce" "Crochet Braids" "Natural Hair" "Kendra Stylez" "Protective Styles" "Yoga" "Anointed Hands"
Natural Hair

Protective Style: Jamaican Bounce Natural Crochet Braids

Let me tell you all how I got my entire NATURAL HAIR LIFE TOGETHER!

"Jamaican Bounce" "Crochet Braids" "Natural Hair" "Kendra Stylez" "Protective Styles" "Yoga" "Anointed Hands"

Last week I had a brief encounter with a young lady that was visiting my church, without getting into too many details just know that it was made known that she does hair, in particular braids. So unless this is your first time reading my blog or following me on social media you already know that I’m that natural girl who loves to switch it up. So basically we connected and I discovered that she was a BEAST at braids amongst other styles. We chatted during the week and I decided to get my hair done which just so happens to be today (July 22nd).

"Crochet Braids" "Natural Hair" "Kendra Stylez" "Protective Styles" "Yoga" "Anointed Hands"

All of my close friends know that I am so funny when it comes to my hair and I rarely allow anyone to touch my hair. So once I arrived to my appointment let me tell you that there was a strong sense of peace. It’s hard to explain to those who will not grasp where I’m going with this! To make a long story short when you’re anointed and appointed for your purpose it makes way for your gifts to flow. Trust me I’m that one person that wants to see what you’re doing while in my head. You know just incase it’s not what I want but not Kendra Farmer! When I tell you that this young lady is anointed and has a gift to create. I politely sat myself right in her chair as we chatted and enjoyed several laughs.

"Jamaican Bounce" "Crochet Braids" "Natural Hair" "Kendra Stylez" "Protective Styles" "Yoga" "Anointed Hands"

HUNTY! When I say that she slayed my hair to life! That’s exactly what she did! Kendra is not only a HAIR BEAST but her level of professionalism was priceless. When she asked me to take a look at myself I was like YESSSS!!!

MY STYLIST (Kendra Farmer)

"Jamaican Bounce" "Crochet Braids" "Natural Hair" "Kendra Stylez" "Protective Styles" "Yoga" "Anointed Hands"

If you’re in the Atlanta area I highly recommend that you give Kendra a call. You can find her on Facebook & Instagram. I’m in love with my new protective style! Stay tuned for ways that I style them and to see what we come with next!



Photo Credit: Kendra Farmer


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