The Kids are Back To School

The alarm sounded at 6:20am and the kids jumped up with joy. My youngest MJ yelled “Schools Today!” The kids wandered around the house prepping for school and quickly dressed and patiently waited for their buses to arrive. This is the first year that  they are going to different schools and riding separate buses. MJ is started second and BJ sixth grade. I was able to snag a few portraits to document their newest adventure.

142Spiderman is ready for school.

143Web Hands!


148Middle School Ready.


154Brother Power!

Both MJ and BJ had great days at school. BJ even remembered his locker combination! Once they were settled in we all sat down and talked about their first day experiences and what they were looking forward to on tomorrow. Needless to say they are happily asleep and excited about their second day. Stay tuned for their school adventures.

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