When Life threw me lemons I created Snazzy Cakes

 The Start of Snazzy Cakes, LLC.

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Here’s my story of what I did when Life threw me lemons! I remember once upon a time when I worked in Traditional Corporate America for a Fortune 500 Company and my entire career was ahead of me. I was considered a high potential and everything was smooth sailing at least that’s what I thought until they decided that my services were no longer needed. Now for me I took this at first as a disappointment and heartache. I mean I had given this company years and lost years of watching my kids grow up to build a fast pace career. I remember I was sitting on the floor playing with my youngest son a few weeks after I found myself with a career and I realize that I had taught myself from the age of 16 to always save money or stack bread as I always tell my sister Summer and I it was at that moment that I realized that I not only had a healthy nest egg from savings that I had a great 401K that I could rollover to an IRA incase of an emergency and the best of all I could take my kids to school, prepare their lunches, attend afterschool events and watch my baby grow up before my eyes. So after my pitty party I had a celebration party.

Let’s Fast Forward two years and the United States has a recession and its freaking hard to find a job.


Try finding a job when more than half of America is unemployed! Its the pits! I literally had a lifestyle change. I went from making lots of money to getting bare scrapping from Unemployment. Who knew that all the taxes one pays that you can barely get any return should you have to even collect unemployment. Please don’t get me started on public assistance. I had three kids to take care of so yes I went and applied and you know what the case worker told me I was over the income limit by $10. REALLY? Now I have an issue with that but that will be another post. I started to get in a rut. My savings was running out and finding a job wasn’t looking good at all. I had always baked from a child and I was after all the mom who always baked cute cupcakes for the class even with the crazy career that I once had. I was in Michael’s one day and I saw a sign for Cake Decorating Class and the cost was reasonable so I said what the Heck. I signed up and found a love for decorating. My decorating sucked at first but got better over time and its still improving. While I continued to work to build my cake business I decided to take this opportunity to sign up and go back to school to get my Masters in Public Administration. The cake business is very competitive but it is one that requires a lot of work and dedication. I continued to attend charitable events and functions to provide samples to the masses and after a year I started Snazzy Cakes, LLC.  Snazzy Cakes,  is a home-based bakery  that provides custom cupcake and cakes by order. I chose to take the lemons that were given to me and make cupcakes and this has been a pattern in my life. I urge my readers to learn from others life lessons and many times we have to take off one pair of shoes and put on another pair. I found that in this one situation I wore many pairs from Corporate to Mommy to Baker to Student. We never know where God will position us in our life or why but we must always be ready and never be afraid to share your story!

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  1. Turkesha, I just love your story and your spirit. You are truly a blessing with many gifts that you are never afraid of sharing. Thank you for supporting WSB and by sharing your amazing story of walking in your own shoes!

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