New Orleans Cajun Seafood
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New Orleans Hidden Gem – New Orleans Cajun Seafood

OMG Darlings! You have to forgive me for being so late sharing yet another one of my hidden gems while traveling. Many of you already know that I’m a lover of seafood. I was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia so there is literally not a corner that you can turn in any area and not find a local fresh seafood joint. I love my hometown but living there as an adult isn’t in the cards for me but every chance that I get to visit I grab some delicious fresh seafood.

So last year when I was in New Orleans working with a few clients a fellow entrepreneur suggested New Orleans Cajun Seafood. Let me be very transparent before we go any further the location is in the hood so if you can hang then this is not a spot for you to try. For me location is everything so being that the best seafood that I have ever had no matter where I travel has been in the hood you already know that I was game. 

New Orleans Cajun Seafood

Immediately upon driving up there were no parking spaces and we had to find some place to park and pray that we would not be towed. The line was out the door and there was an uniformed officer counting off people as they both exited and entered the restaurant. We were in line for about twenty minutes and another twenty – thirty once inside. The moment that I stepped inside I was reminded of those saturday mornings that I would get on the public transportation and head to the Fish Market with my grandmother. I can still remember the God awful smell and as I grew up I realized it was the smell of fresh fish and shrimp arriving, departing and being packaged for the customers. It’s real you find these markets around with all of the processed quick ways society had invented to save both time and money. 

The inside was packed to capacity and I was just happy to finally be inside. I immediately noticed that every order was made to order so that accounted for the long lines. Once I placed my order for fried shrimp and a side I searched for a seat as we waited. The system that they use seems to work you just have to be very patient.

New Orleans Cajun Seafood

When my number was called I felt like I won the lottery. Lord I was bless to still have my seat when I returned because that’s how pack they were. OMG!!! The food was freaking amazing! We have another winner! If you’re ever in New Orleans be sure to add New Orleans Cajun Seafood to your Foodie List. There are multiple locations, however I visited the location at 1479 N Claiborne Ave, New Orleans, LA 70116.

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