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October Yoga Journey Update – The Year Is Coming To A Close

This year thus far has been simply amazing! I started practicing yoga again in February after taking a 10-year break. In those 10-years I was married, had kids, graduated college, divorced, graduated grad school and so on. You get the idea! Life basically happened. I can recall the thought of practicing yoga seemed almost impossible but I am always up for a challenge. Can I just say that whatever you put your mind to, you can achieve it. I have had an amazing year being one of the YMX By Yellow man Ambassadors. My experience with this amazing brand has been nothing short of Exceptional and Amazing! If you haven’t checked out their apparel then you definitely need to ASAP. They live by their mission statement: Extraordinary Clothes for Extraordinary People! Trust me they are extraordinary clothes that provide you performance enhancing elements to all sports enthusiasts for an exceptional workout experience. Their superior quality, comfort, and unique tattoo patterns are key ingredients of YMX’s extraordinary performance and visual appeal. Not to mention the MadKool® high-tech fabrics that increase the performance of athletes when engaged in heavy workouts and extreme sports. This is definitely the brand for my intense yoga workouts.

Over the past months I have endured poses that were extremely difficult to intermediate poses that demonstrate my improvement over the last few months. Needless to say that it has been an amazing journey and I look forward to what 2016 will bring with my yoga journey. Here are a few poses:

"Triangle Pose" "Yoga" "Fitness" "YMX By Yellowman" "Naturalbabydol"
Trikonasana / Triangle Pose
"Childs Pose" "Triangle Pose" "Yoga" "Fitness" "YMX By Yellowman" "Naturalbabydol"
Childs Pose
"Goddess Pose" "Dancer Pose" "Triangle Pose" "Yoga" "Fitness" "YMX By Yellowman" "Naturalbabydol"
Goddess Pose
"Side Plank Pose" "Vashistasana" "Triangle Pose" "Yoga" "Fitness" "YMX By Yellowman" "Naturalbabydol"
Vashistasana / Side Plank Pose
"Camel Pose" "Ustrasana" "Triangle Pose" "Yoga" "Fitness" "YMX By Yellowman" "Naturalbabydol"
Ustrasana / Camel Pose
"Compose Pose" "Triangle Pose" "Yoga" "Fitness" "YMX By Yellowman" "Naturalbabydol"
ParivrttaSuryaYantrasana / Compose Pose
"Suptavirasana" "Triangle Pose" "Yoga" "Fitness" "YMX By Yellowman" "Naturalbabydol"
Suptavirasana / Reclined Hero Pose
"Bakasana" "Crow Pose" "Triangle Pose" "Yoga" "Fitness" "YMX By Yellowman" "Naturalbabydol"
Bakasana / Crow Pose



**I am an YMXBYYELLOWMAN Ambassador. All opinions in this pose are my own**

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