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Parents Can’t Stop Their Babies From Growing Up

Today when my seventh grader came home he was excited about the kids in his grade all going to the movies this evening so he asked if he could go as well. I was a bit hesitant but I could see the sparkle in his eye for that small inch of independency. I though for a minute and agreed. It’s not like he hasn’t gone to the movies before without me  and what made this time different was the fact that he and his friends were going to a later movie than normal which started at 7:30pm. I guess the time was to be expected especially since they had school earlier today. Although I have three sons including one that recently started college, Billy is honestly my child that follows all of the rules to a tee.

I had no problem with him going after all he’s the child that I allow to carry a prepaid cell phone to school only on Tuesday and Thursday so that he can call me after school once his robotics club is over for pick-up. He’s also the child that I taught to use my ATM card at the age of 6 and when instructed to assist with anything he’s the first to take charge. I guess you can say that he’s just like me. As I watched him prepare for his newest adventure this evening I thought to myself, Parents can’t Stop Their Babies From Growing Up! I mean after all isn’t that what their suppose to do? As I passed him my ATM card to walk up to the counter to purchase his movie ticket I thought back to when he was just a baby and now with the Blessing of God he’s growing into an Intelligent, Respectful Young Man. No matter how much at times I may want my baby back I must realize that he will always be my baby just a bigger baby.

As I watched him walk into the movie theater he ran back to me and said “Mommy I have the cell and I will call you once the movie is over”. I stood there for a moment and just smiled because I can truly see the man that he is growing into and I am pleased. I headed back home with MJ and anxiously awaited his call for me to pick him up and just like clock work he called as soon as the movie was over. I instructed him to remain inside until I arrived. We live less than a mile away from the theater so it would take me no time at all to arrive for pick-up. As I watched him get in the car he was happy then the unthinkable happened he dropped his little prepaid cell phone and I watched his joy turn to sadness briefly and after a small coaching from me he was back to his joyful self telling me all about his newest adventure. 

As I write this post he’s laying on my bed watching television and at this very moment he’s back to being my little baby again and I will cherish these moments forever and although I can’t stop him from growing up he will always be my Second Baby!