Future Spouse
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Hey Darlings! So last year I accepted a challenge titled “Praying For My Future Spouse”. It was a 5 Day Challenge but some kind of way I didn’t follow through like I should have mainly because I put other things and people ahead of myself. A few weeks ago I received an email that informed me of this years (2019) challenge and I immediately made an intentional decision to join and follow through until the last day. I figured why not document it on my blog. Actually walk you through the steps, the process and how I felt at the beginning and end of the challenge.

Future Spouse

Let me start by saying that I KNOW THAT I AM GETTING MARRIED. The bible says speak things that are not as though they are. The steps are to sign up at www.prayforyourfuturespouse.com. Then your sent a link to join their private facebook page where participants interact virtually with one another. You can add your prayers, letters to your future spouse, memes, questions and concerns in a judgement free zone where everyone collectively helps everyone. Basically its a room of love. Love from people that you may know personally and virtually. It’s an option to make a post about your expectations, declarations or specific characteristics that you desire in your future spouse. Initially I wasn’t going to post my letter to my Future Husband but later decided to post it a day before the challenge began. Here’s my letter to him:

Dear Future Husband,

This letter represents my last year as a single woman. My heart, soul & spirit are ready for you to enter my life and become the head of our family. God has given me a sneak peek into our future and the places that we’re going will only happen because of our Holy Union. I’ve made mistakes in the past but I made a vow to God that I would keep myself until you came along and we were married. I’m ready to walk beside you and push you to GREATNESS. I don’t desire to have the spotlight because my role is to be your wife, protector, coach, quarterback, cheerleader, motivator, prayer warrior, lover, freak, girlfriend and wife. It’s my role to always be there, walk by your side no matter the situation or circumstances, nurture your gifts and be a mother to our kids, past and future. Together we’ll be known for our POWERFUL MARRIAGE MINISTRY. I’m yours and God has set me as your gift. I can’t wait for the future moments to come to past and until then I’ll stay hidden by God until he decides to reveal me unto you.

Your Future Wife
Mrs. _____________

I wrote this letter a few weeks before receiving a notification about the challenge. It was one of those late night/early mornings where I grabbed my iPhone and wrote a letter to him in my notes section then locked it away for safe keeping and so that no one could read it except me until now because it just shared my heart with the entire world.

This morning was Day 1. The process was over 50,000 singles praying together 7 CST/8 EST with founders Jamal & Natasha Miller along with a powerful prayer with Pastor Ryan Lestrange an Powerful Apostolic Leader. The prayer this morning was so powerful. Honestly I can that my expectations were fulfilled. I entered this challenge with a healed open heart ready to receive from God. Day 1 exceeded my expectations. Today I prayed that my Future Spouse would be Consecrated & Dedicated. I also prayed that my Future Spouse will Love God more than he Loves me. Our marriage can not operate properly without God as the Head.

Future Spouse

As the day came to a close we ended Day 1 with a very informative teaching about Deaf in Dysfunction from Prophet Kisha Cephus. Listen! Prophet was so TRANSPARENT! She taught and walked us through how to work through generational dysfunction, bad habits, sex sin, attitudes, drugs and jealousy to name a few. Her level of transparency helped the masses. If you’re interested in starting the challenge I would highly suggest hopping on board. Jamal & Natasha has the replays so that you can start today and catch up with us. Today was nothing short of amazing! I learned so much on today about myself, family and future spouse. I walk in EXPECTATION of what GOD is DOING IN MY LIFE. Stay tuned for Day 2.