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Did I Really Just Eat A Gourmet Burger Topped With A Fried Egg From Red Robin?

Yes! You read the caption correct. As a matter of fact I am still trying to come to terms with actually eating this amazing burger. Yes it was actually amazing! A few weeks ago I flew in to EWR to work for a client at a Beauty & Hair Show in Secaucus, New Jersey and after catching an early flight, attending several meeting and setting up the clients space I just wanted to grab something really quick and head back to my room to unwind and read a book.

The hotel was located in a central location where there were a few restaurants within walking distance so I opted to try Red Robin. I had seen and heard all of their commercials but I honestly never gave them a second thought to try their food until that day. The ambiance in the restaurant was great and it appeared to be a very friendly environment. Upon being seated and browsing through the menu I decided to try something daring and although all of their Gourmet Burgers looked amazing I decided to try the Royal Red Robin Burger. The Royal Red Robin Burger states the following on their menu: Which came first, the bacon or the egg? Who cares? You can have them both at once! Plus melted American Cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and mayo. Why would I not be daring and try this burger, after all it does sound yummy even with the egg! Did I also mention that they offer Bottomless Steak Fries? If you know me than you know that I absolutely love fries!

"Red Robin" "New Jersey" "Business Travel" "Travel"

Do you see all of that yumminess? OMG! I was a bit skeptical about the fried egg which by the way you could have had sunny side up (NO SIR) but once I took a bite of the burger it was freaking amazing! Yes for a moment I think I floated away to Gourmet Burger Happiness Land. The total package of the meal was on point. This burger probably set me back a load of calories but it was worth the cheat session. I would definitely recommend trying it if your ever in Red Robin. I will be taking the kids there soon so they can try their amazing menu. Until next time!

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