Forsyth Park


Today the kids and I packed up a few bags, jumped in the 2019 Ford Edge and left Atlanta in our rear view mirror. The kids only have a few weeks left before school starts so I decided to head off for what will probably be our last getaway for the Summer of 2019.

This is my first time taking a Ford on the road and although I’ve heard amazing things about the brand trust me our ride to our first destination Savannah was smooth sailing. The gas mileage was exactly what I expected. We initially took her for spin on yesterday running a few last minute errands and to my surprise we made it all the way to Savannah with enough gas to get us started on our upcoming destination. I love when my gas takes me places lol.

Upon arrival I had to head over to see my mom, sister, niece and nephew. Y’all know that my sister Summer and I cut up when we’re together. Add in my moms shenanigans and it’s a hilarious scene. It’s always refreshing when I can get away from Atlanta. It’s just something about returning back home for a relaxing break and to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of “THE A”. Savannah operates at a much slower rate yet everything is so familiar yet at arms reach. It’s crazy that you never know how much you miss something until return and realize how much you’ve missed the familiar. 

There are times when I feel like the one place that I desired to escape is the very place I need to return to for refueling when the crazy Atlanta hustle and bustle wears me thin. Everyone who doesn’t live in Atlanta thinks that its the best place to live since cherry pie but the truth is at times it can simply be over whelming. I guess that’s why I chose to purchase my home on the outskirts of Atlanta and not in or near the city. Don’t get me wrong I love the “Big City” but I also love quiet living and my area gives me the best of both worlds but when I come home it’s just refreshing and gives me time to rejuvenate and set my priorities into perspective.  Thank God for Small Town and Humble Beginnings.