STAYnEAT – The Solution For The Soggy Food

I received these products as a PR Gift to review. All opinions in this post are all my own.


Hey Darlings! Do you prefer your food to touch or not? I hate for my food to touch, in fact I try my best to space my portions out so that they don’t touch one another. This is a problem that I had as a child and well into my adult life. I often find myself using different plates or bowls in efforts to keep my food separated. STAYnEAT has the solution to our OCD problems! The moment that I was contacted about learning about an innovative product that could keep my food from touching I was sold. 


So who invented STAYnEAT?

A husband and invented the STAYnEAT Plate because they wanted to create the ultimate plate for their children and others to enjoy. A solution plate that offers “A NEW ANGLE ON EATING.” One that would eliminate stress and mess during mealtime. A plate that offers all of the benefits that a traditional plate simply can not.

They were inspired to invent the STAYnEAT Plate by their son, Matthew. This incredible journey began when they were eating with their children and observing Matthew. They noticed that he didn’t really like different foods touching each other. For example, he didn’t like to have the syrup touching his pancakes or the ketchup touching his chicken nuggets, or even the juice from the corn making his hot dog bun soggy. When food is soggy, the change in consistency can be unpleasant.

This brand is proudly MADE IN THE USA and gets joy from knowing that they’re plate helps people of all ages, including those with special needs. Their vision is to see the STAYnEAT Plate in every home, hotel, restaurant, school, day care, hospital, rehab, nursing, and assisted living facility. It’s also great for campgrounds, recreational vehicles and boats.

  • Features:
    Reversible Design – Two-in-one design with and without a three section divider. It goes from partitioned to non-partitioned with just a flip.
  • Sloped Surface- Perfect for meticulous eaters. Slightly tilted to keep the high side dry. Great for dipping and reducing soggy meals.
  • Patented Non-Skid Rim- Its patented design resists tipping & flipping. The non-skid rim reduces the plate from sliding.
  • PRESS-n-HOLD Suction- Simply press it’s center to make it stay. Works well on non-porous, rigid flat surfaces. Has no suction tab to grab or lift to flip the plates, which makes them stay firmly on the table.
  • Side Scoop Wall- This allows for utensils to pick up food with ease. Designed to promote self-feeding and less cleaning.
  • STAYnEAT™ Border – The raised wall doubles as a “Spill Guard” decreasing messes. Food is more likely to stay on the plate, not off it.


Since I am a mother of three ages 22, 15 & 11 I thought this would be the perfect plate for my family especially my 11-year-old and I. Neither one of us like for our food to touch, in fact I will not eat my food if it touches or gets soggy in any way. My older sons could care less. LOL! We have both sizes: Adult and Jr. (at least that’s how I describe them). 

Any who what better meal to try it out than with a little breakfast before the kids head off to school. Since time plays a major factor in getting the kids off to school and ensure that they have a hot breakfast before school I opted to just prepare them some cheese grits and garlic shrimp with a side of bacon (my youngest favorite. My youngest has used both sizes and I found that the smaller one is perfect for snacks or really small meals like french fries and nuggets vs the adult plate you can pile up high. As you will see it holds its own. If you look close enough you will see the garlic butter on the sides but guess what? It did not run over! Needless to say that I’M IN LOVE! You can order them in an assortment of colors. I love the colors that were sent to us. 



I definitely give the STAYnEAT plate a thumbs up and you will definitely be seeing it on my social media and future post. This plate is perfect for travel! In fact were getting ready for a road trip and they are going with us. If you haven’t already take a look at site by clicking here.


Let me know about your experience with STAYnEAT