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Hey Dolls! Today I had an opportunity to attend Leroy Campbell’s Studio Opening. I was excited when a great friend of mine sent over the invite and even more excited that it was closer to my side of town. I love that its about 15-20 minutes away from my house and although today I was heading there from church its still refreshing to know that its within arms reach.

Leroy Campbell


Mr. Campbell is a Charleston, South Carolina native, Leroy Campbell’s art speaks of the contributions to humanity through the African American perspective. More than just art, each piece serves as Campbell’s tithe, as he uses his gifts and talents to teach others about the richness of the Gullah/ Geechee heritage and the beauty of his people.

Leroy Campbell

Leroy Campbell describes humanity like a garden. In the 1300s Native Americans invented a system of gardening called “Three Sisters,” which involved strategically planting corn, beans, and squash together. The corn provides support and structure for the beans to grow. While the beans pull nitrogen from the air, returning it to the soil and enriching all the plants. The squash, planted at the base, spreads its large leaves, which offer shade and protection, keeping the soil moist and cool. When each of the plants is whole and thriving and healthy, it is able to reach its full potential and contribute to the garden. If one of the plants becomes sick, it affects the balance of the garden.

Master gardener, painter, storyteller, and lover of souls, Leroy Campbell paints a beautiful hope for humanity through his art and through his words. In telling the stories he knows best, he is offering the wisdom and lessons of the elders as a gift to us all. As part of the human experience, we are all searching for our place in the garden, our purpose, our connection, our significance in this world. Those stories are the most powerful gifts in the universe as they provide a sense of self and a foundation of wisdom based on patience, love, and discernment. Campbell’s vision is of a healthy garden, where each is whole, liberated and validated, where people are free to love who they are and in turn nurture others around them.

Leroy Campbell’s paintings, infused with history, tie the past to the present in the practice of sankofa, the understanding that you can’t move forward until you receive the lessons of the past. The vulnerability of his art, his soul, his ability to tell a story through the use of acrylic, paper, tapestries, and organic materials, creates an opportunity for conversation, for something real, for the human connection that we are all desperately seeking.


The moment that I pulled into the lot to park I felt welcomed. There was a gentlemen outside guiding arriving guest on where to park and assisting in guiding them into parking spaces. There is just something about first impressions for me. This gentlemen even offered to assist me with getting out the car since I squeezed the car that I was driving into a tight space. Seriously? How thoughtful is that? As I walked up to enter the studio I was immediately greeted by a fellow beautiful natural sister.

As I began my journey through the studio it was filled with beautiful African Americans and artwork. As I walked each room I found myself falling in love with every single piece that was exhibited. I love how innovative Mr. Campbell is with each piece. As I took a longer look at each piece there was a story to be told or read. In some pieces he included bible scriptures, in others news headlines and raw images of past and present. Honestly the level in which he interprets art is on another level far ahead of our time. His artwork will be cherished centuries from now.

As the crowd grew the guest walked around with their price sheets as they quickly grabbed every piece that stood out to them. I personally love seeing us support one another. There was nothing but positive vibes and aura flowing through the studio which isn’t a surprise since Mr. Campbell was a ray of sunshine. He greeted every guest that arrived and happily signed his book personalized to everyone’s request.

Leroy Campbell
Leroy Campbell

The bites were served by Essentially Chef Beee, she’s a plant-based chef who is also a Wellness Coach who creates meal plans for a healthier way of eating. It was a pleasure to meet Chef Beee and have an opportunity to chat with her about one of her dishes. Absolutely everything that she made was amazing and I highly suggest that all of my yogis out there reach out to her for her meal prep plans.

Essentially Chef Beee
Essentially Chef Beee
Essentially Chef Beee
Essentially Chef Beee

Lastly I met a beautiful sister that was showcasing her work by the name of LaTonya Lark. She was just a joy to walk around and chat with. You know some people are just beautiful and friendly! I found out that she was one of the featured artist and of course I loved all of her pieces as well. I was able to spend a little time and get to learn more about her. Be sure to check out the video below as she shares her inspiration, drive and why she created the pieces that were featured.

Latonya Lark
LaTonya Lark

I highly suggest that all of my readers please take out some time and support Mr. Leroy Campbell and his studio. You can visit the studio at: 327 Roosevelt Hwy, Atlanta, GA 30349.

Campbell Studio

The studio opening dates are from November 2, 2019 – December 31, 2019: Friday 12PM-6PM, Saturday 11AM-5PM and Sunday 12PM-5PM.