Emily Lex Watercolor workbook


I was recently introduced to Emily Lex Watercolor classes and products. Immediately I was all in like a little girl because I could recall the many times that my mom would buy me a plethora of watercoloring books and paint so that we could spend hours creating masterpieces that she and my grandmother would both display all over our houses. Although I was never a true artist like my mother I could always create the most beautifulest flowers and nature scenes. My mother could draw and paint anything that you sat before her….she’s always been gifted that way. The moment that I received my beautiful package I was immediately in love. Everyone that knows me knows that I love branding especially when it’s created straight from the heart with a sprinkle of love.

emily lex watercolor workbook

The moment that I received this incredibly fun package in the mail and opened it I was immediately filled with joy. Emily’s workbooks are absolutely beautiful and are perfect for beginners through advanced artist. I love that the workbooks give each recipient an easy-to-understand, thorough, step-by-step instructions for how to creatively produce your own beautiful watercolor prints based on illustrations designed by Emily.

Emily Lex Watercolor workbook

Did I mention that there are some amazing classes that was included in my package? I had access to three classes:

  1. Watercolor for Kids
  2. Simplified Watercolor
  3. Simplified Penmanship

The watercolor for kids teaches kids how to mix colors, the supplies that they will need for the class, different techniques, color palettes, how to mix to create a sunburst, using a few drops of paint to create flowers and ice cream cones plus how to create some cute royal pets.

The simplified watercolor class walks you through techniques, mixing colors, dot project which is a peaceful color mixing technique, seascape teaches you how to layer, gradients and fine details plus patience! Ha! patience is definitely needed. You will also learn scribble art, sketching + painting, lettering and of course monogram. Needless to say that this class is amazing.

The simplified penmanship class teaches you techniques as well as she provides you with your supply list. You will learn the foundation of lines, how to create your personal font, lettering styles, numbers & symbols that canoe apart of your penmanship, penmanship spacing, fake calligraphy which is lovely and a tricky skill to master and finally the you will learn borders to add a few embellishments.

Emily Lex Watercolor workbook

You can purchase Emiy Lex Watercolor Workbooks and classes here.