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Tree Braids Natural Protective Style & Upcoming Braiding Class

Hey Darlings! The weather has finally cooler and that means that its time for me to get one of my favorite protective styles, tree braids. If you’ve been following my journey from my very first year blogging an even before then you already know that its a must that I head to Strands of Beauty to get my Tree Braid fix.

Protective styles are always my go to styles because of their versatility and ease with my hectic schedule. I’ve been coming to Ethena, CEO of Strands of Beauty since my youngest son was born so this month we’re hitting 12 years. As a natural its very important to me to ensure that my hair is healthy no matter the length. It’s been over a year since I decided to do another big chop and quite frankly I am seriously considering doing another one for my birthday in January which is why this protective style is great because my goal is to achieve the “Heart Shape” tapered cut so the next 4-6 weeks these tree braids will help me retain my length.

Keep in mind that before I went to get this set of tree braids that I dusted my ends and made sure that I eliminated any and all ragged ends. I could care less about the shape of my cut because its been growing out for over a year. The end goal is retaining HEALTHY HAIR. 

Let’s get to the GOOD NEWS! We live in society where entrepreneurship is in high demand and my girl Ethena has stepped up the Salon Game. Imagine having someone come to you in the comfort of your own home or office and having a professional braider come to you and get your hair right! Long gone are the days of heading to a salon and getting your hair done.

I have had the pleasure to visit several of her salons and I was so excited to have the opportunity to experience the in home salon services. Trust me I am totally sold. I love the idea of being in a more personable setting vs. around others getting services done. It gives you that one on one experience. I believe that this new in home service will be a Godsend to those ladies who suffer from medical problems and don’t feel comfortable having their services in a salon with other so this innovative idea is perfect!



My First In Home Experience

My appointment was set a week or so in advance and only day of service I went expecting the same level of service that I have always received in the brick and mortar salon. I was greeted as always by Ethena and after our normal mini catch up conversation she immediately started on my new set of tree braids. I love that Strands of Beauty is always prepared with having your preferred hair color set and each strand is strategically placed so that the process runs smoothly. Strands of Beauty is THE BEST BRAIDING business that I have ever had the pleasure to be a customer of and their service has  remained consistent and top notch from the moment I started receiving services there 12 years ago to Today. I highly recommend their services. Click here and here to get a sneak peek.

Here are a few of my tree braids……



Rock Ranch

Strands of Beauty


In addition to this amazing new service Strands of Beauty is having a Tree Braid Class on November 12 so ladies heres your chance to LEVEL UP!



Here’s a brief description of what Tree braids are and details of what the class includes:

Tree Braids are an amazing work of hair art and are a combination of a 4 techniques. Tree Braids are one of the best protective styles for natural and relaxed hair. They look like a weave while giving the flexibility of micro braids WITHOUT extreme tension on the scalp.
Tree Braids are a NO-Sew, NO-Glue, NO-Crochet technique that promotes hair growth and gives a professional & classic look. Many clients want this, but many do not know that Tree Braids exist and even more braiders do not know how to properly complete this style.
This class will teach you TWO techniques of Tree Braids AND how to get the job done fast. Also, get hands-on while learning the best types of hair extensions, gels, and moisturizers to use for promoting hair growth and hair health.

Strands of Beauty will supply all combs, clips, and hair extensions needed for the class, all you need to do is show up in comfortable attire, with some patience and a ready-to-learn attitude.


Join Strands of Beauty at the Mable House Arts Center, on Monday November 12, 2018 from 9:30am-12:30 pm for a 3 hour class on this popular braiding technique. This class will be hosted by Master Tree Braid Specialist and Instructor, Ethena. Ethena is the Chief Operating Officer of Strands of Beauty Salons. She has co-owned, managed the operations, and trained staff for the 16 salons & suites under the Strands of Beauty Brand. Her passion is in training and developing the entrepreneur as she embarks on her goal of 1000 new hair braiding entrepreneurs by the end of 2019. She specializes in Tree Braids, Hair Extensions and Training.

This is an intermediate class, YOU MUST BE ABLE TO CORNROW AND COMPLETE A SINGLE BRAID WITH HAIR ADDED. If you can not braid, please take the braiding 101 class PRIOR to taking this class.
This class is $475 per student. The $100 deposit is required when registering for the class. The balance of $375 is due in cash or via Zelle at the beginning of class. The class fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Strands of Beauty

Here’s a Business tip: You can make this investment back with less than three clients. Crazy right? We’ll it’s A FACT! What are you waiting for? Sign up TODAY!


Contact: 1855-STRANDS (787-2637)



**This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own**