Valentine's Day


Hey Love Muffins! It’s obvious that its the “LOVE MONTH” and the last few days I have been online noticing a plethora of post spreading negative comments or reactions to those that have a special someone in their lives. In a nutshell it’s basically hating on those that are in some form of relationship. Like seriously? It’s not that important so I thought that I would put together a few Valentine’s Day Ideas for us Single Folk.

Valentine's Day

I’m no stranger to being single on Valentine’s Day and to be honest it never really phases me because I LOVE on myself daily. One day doesn’t make a difference for me but for those that it does…here’s a few things that you can do to enjoy the holiday.

Valentine's Day
  1. Treat yourself to a massage.
  2. Enjoy a delicious Seafood Dinner at Juicy Crab.
  3. Order a Dozen Gourmet Cookies from Coles Cookies and More.
  4. Curl up on your sofa or bed with a weighted blanket and binge watch movies on Netflix or Hulu.
  5. Spend Time with your family.
  6. Book a hotel in town and have a stay cation and explore the area.
  7. Treat yourself to a mini shopping spree.
  8. Head to your local nail shop and enjoy a relaxing mani/pedi.
  9. Take a trip! Pack an overnight bag and catch a flight.
  10. Unplug and Curl up with a great book.
  11. Purchase tickets to your local Comedy Club and enjoy a night of laughing and fun.
  12. Go out on your first date with a friend that you’re vibing. This could create a love connection.
  13. Do something nice for someone else for the holiday.
  14. Start a Valentine’s Day Tradition.
  15. Throw a dinner party for your friends.
  16. Have a spa day at home or at your local spa.
  17. Go to a local winery or brewery and indulge in a tasting.
  18. Order your favorite take-out and listen to your favorite podcast
  19. Go to a local winery or brewery and indulge in a tasting.
  20. Have a total self-care night, complete with face masks and a bubble bath.
Valentine's Day