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Yoga Diary: March Day 1

Happy Day Everyone! It’s finally March and I have decided to take on three different challenges. Yes you heard me correctly! I was so inspired from last month I want to push myself a bit more. I am joining thousands of fellow yogis on Instagram and we are all taking on several challenges together in fact some are taking on more than three. I chose the ones that I felt were beginner challenges and had a bit more advance poses that would push me a bit more on my journey. You will notice that the post will change a bit and instead of doing weekly updates I will attempt to do a daily diary update for you which will include the most honest feedback ever.

For example today my upper back is burning so I had to call my trainer and he told me that I have started using muscles that I haven’t used before and that why I am feeling the burn. I didn’t know what was going on. LOL! I also can tell you that I have always suffered from really bad lower back pain all my life at least since eleventh grade when I was in a really bad car accident but since I have been practicing yoga I have been getting some relief. Thank God! Enough of me talking here are the three challenges that I chose for March:





See! These don’t look too bad and they will definitely push me to the limits. The challenge has begun and so far so good.  Although it was cold here in Atlanta I decided to practice my yoga poses outside on my deck instead to take in the cool fresh air. I’m glad that I had my beautiful YMXBYYELLOWMAN Infinite Goddess Tank Top because not only did it keep me warm but its amazing fabric also protects me from sweating. The durability of my Infinite Goddess tank top is key especially when the challenges are calling for me to lift heavy objects over my head. Here are my day one poses:

Naturalbabydol, Yoga
Day 1 of #JourneyToHandStand
Shoulder Strength (Lifting Block or Object)


Naturalbabydol, Yoga
Day 1 of #FlexiandFit Uttanasana / Standing Forward Fold
Naturalbabydol, Yoga
Day 1 of #YogiSpringClean Down Dog Twist

Day One was amazing and I am looking forward to March Yoga Journey. Remember you can find additional updates of my journey on Instagram. See you tomorrow Yogis!



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