2019 Lincoln Nautilus
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Hey Darlings! It’s your favorite Southern Belle! I’m so excited to share my amazing adventures and thoughts on the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus. The Nautilus will forever go down in history as my “ALL TIME FAVORITE” vehicle. I have always considered myself a SUV Girl but the innovative way that Lincoln has this beautiful luxury crossover has renewed my mind and outlook on crossovers. I may be a Southern Belle but I love a luxury vehicle that will render me speechless and trust me that doesn’t happen often.

2019 Lincoln Nautilus

From the moment that the Lincoln Nautilus was delivered I knew that I was in for a treat. Perhaps it was the beautiful Rhapsody Blue or Cashmere Venetian Leather seat. I’m in the market for a new vehicle and this beauty has definitely caught my eye. This vehicle gives the aurora of luxury.

The moment that I opened the driver side door I was in heaven. Over the past few years I have attended many Lincoln Influencer events here in Atlanta as they introduced their new fleet of cars and this moment was well worth the wait. I can recall attending a Lincoln event where I had the opportunity to meet Carlotta Wells Lanier, worked with my client, Stepevents along with Ledisi & Big Tigger for Lincoln’s VIP Experience , Lincoln: A Taste of Luxury and their Quiet Luxury Event. It’s been a long time coming to be afforded the opportunity to take one of their amazing cars for a test drive.

2019 Lincoln Nautilus

So where does a Southern Belle travel to in the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus? Savannah, Georgia of course! Savannah just so happens to be my hometown so its only natural that I would head home to share some of the most amazing places to visit while in town but before we chat about where I went lets dig into what the Lincoln Nautilus has to offer and the “Total Experience” that you’ll have while driving this beauty.

2019 Lincoln Nautilus

Let’s start with the model. This Nautilus is apart of their Black Label line and this vehicle was the Chalet Theme which blurs the lines between the destination and the journey. Lincoln has a few other themes to select from the Gala, Chalet or Thoroughbred. The following services are just a few luxuries that come with each customized themes.

  • Premium Maintenance
  • Complimentary Care
  • Ownership on your terms
  • Culinary Collection
  • Travel Collection
2019 Lincoln Nautilus

The interior of the Lincoln Nautilus is in a entire category of its own. The moment that you open the door your eyes are immediately set on the embroidered Black Label Insignia seats that are heated/ventilated front seats and rear heated seats. The steering wheel is wrapped with premium leather with cruise, audio, climate and media control.

The functionality of the car includes:

  • Adaptive Cruise Controls ACC
  • Lincoln Connect- 4G Modem with WIFI Capability
  • Push-Button Start
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Revel® Ultima® Audio System with 19 Speakers
  • Sync3® w/voice Act Nav
  • Wireless Charging Pad
  • 21 MPG (City) and 26 MPG (Hwy)

Let’s talk about the functionality of this luxury vehicle. As an influencer and entrepreneur having wifi in the car especially on days where I’m waiting on my soon to be high school junior to finish practicing with his JROTC Team I can manage to get some work done. Since I have a crazy obsession with True Crime Podcast so the Revel® Ultima® Audio System with 19 Speakers is perfect for me to get that entire surround sound vibe while listening. Listening to music is another amazing experience and feels like your at a live concert. The clarity of the sound is PERFECT! It took a few days of learning the vehicle that I discovered that you could set the color of the Ambient Lighting inside the car to the color of your choice. An additional bonus to the vehicle is the Forward Collision Warning. This is perfect if your a parent of teens or when you find that the other driver is preoccupied and not paying much attention to the road.

2019 Lincoln Nautilus
2019 Lincoln Nautilus

The Rhapsody Blue color was the perfect match for the Black Label Branded Badge. The headlamps are adaptive LED with signature lighting, LED Tail Lamps, Dual Exhaust System with chrome tips and rear view camera. The rear view camera was a major plus for me when backing out of the garage or backing in to park. I especially enjoyed the signals alerting you when you are close to an object such as another car when parking or the curve. Don’t worry about remembering where you parked because the moment that you sync your iPhone you will receive an alert notifying you where you parked. This came in handy for me because while traveling I forgot where I parked a few times. Imagine a parking lot full of cars at an outlet mall and you end up on the opposite end of where you actually parked. It’s a life saver! Just in case you want to hang outside of the sunroof while at the beach or cruising the valley in California the panoramic vista roof has you covered or uncovered. LOL!

2019 Lincoln Nautilus
2019 Lincoln Nautilus
2019 Lincoln Nautilus

There’s no need to worry if the Nautilus is roomy because it seats up to Five and the leg room is just what the doctor ordered for us tall folks. My youngest was in his own world in the backseat. I was surprised at how comfortable he was because he’s one of those kids who just has to have a third row seat but he was perfectly content. In fact I can’t recall one time that he asked were we there yet. He immediately noticed that he could actually plug his cell phone in so there was no need to look for extra outlets for your smart phones because the vehicle is fully equipped for your travel needs.

2019 Lincoln Nautilus
2019 Lincoln Nautilus

This model that I had the pleasure of test driving included specific equipment along with some optional extras:

  • 2.7 GTDI V6 Engine
  • 8-Speed Select Shift Auto Trans
  • Cargo Utility Package: Rear Cargo Mgmt System, Cargo Compartment w/Rev Mat and Cargo Area Cover
  • Lincoln Nautilus Tech Package: 360-Degree Camera, Park Assist and Front Aid Sensors
  • 50 State Emissions
  • Silverwood Appliques
  • 22-Way Power Multi Cont Driver Seats

One major extra that every parent will love is that every time you get ready to exit the vehicle it alerts you on the screen to check your back seats for children or mini passengers. As a mother I can’t imagine forgetting my little one but life happens and sometimes we get distracted and have a senior moment. This addition is a great safety reminder. The Nautilus runs in the range of $40,030 (Standard) to $56,895 (Black Label).

2019 Lincoln Nautilus

Now that we’ve learned about how amazing the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus and why I just have to have one let me share a few of our Southern Hospitality stops on our past trip to Savannah. First up we have the amazing Leopold’s Ice Cream who will be celebrating their 100th year this August. You can’t visit Savannah without getting a scoop or two. Click here to read about our experience.

Leopold's Ice Cream

Our second stop was Henny Penny. Just in case you’ve never heard of them they are a combination of Art and Cafe hence creating Henny Penny Art Space & Cafe. Trust me it’s one of the premiere coffee shops to visit while in Savannah.

Henny Penny Art Space & Cafe

Traveling to Savannah to tour my hometown like a tourist was so much fun but the highlight of my trip was sharing in the experience of my only niece attending her junior prom and me chauffeuring them in the luxurious 2019 Lincoln Nautilus.

A.E. Beach High School Junior Prom
A.E. Beach High School Junior Prom

You can’t visit Savannah without capturing a few pictures of the Historical Forsyth Park Fountain. Savannah is full of history and beauty. This world renowned landmark is one of the most popular destinations for both locals and tourist.

Forsyth Park

Special Thanks to the Lincoln Team for allowing us to test drive the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus for our Southern Hospitality Meets Luxury Road Trip Series. We had an amazing weekend in Savannah, Georgia and can’t wait to share more of their Hidden Gems on our next trip. Stay tuned!