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So a thing happened! Before I get into the juicy details let’s take a walk back in history. Since I was about 3-years-old I can remember having open visions and dreams that 99% of the time came to pass. The 1% refers to a dream that I had at the age of 43 in 2019 which totally flipped the switch however the individuals involved were identical in looks. Basically my dreams always hit the mark. I will mention that God only provides me crumbs when it comes to me with the exception of the few times this one that I am currently writing about happens. Although I can see everyone else’s beginning and end when it comes to me I only get a quick glimpse. 

Photo by Clement Eastwood from Pexels

So let’s rewind the clock for a few minute and dig into this open vision that was later confirmed a few times afterwards with a few dreams. So one day I’m at a destination (to remain anonymous) and as I am minding my own business out of the blue it feels as if I am in a daze. Clearly I can see the things that are going on around me but they’re sort of faded because of the open vision that God is showing me pertaining to my future relationship. I experienced a 180 degree rotation where I am at this point looking at myself as a series of events transpire right before my eyes. Its very quick yet lasted long enough for me to get a sneak peek at what is to come. So what does one do with this “TOP SECRET” information? Absolutely nothing! God reveals in his own timing. Needless to say even as I write this blog entry I can see the vision that God showed me just as clear as the first day that I saw it.

When I initially say the relationship I was a bit stun because it appeared to be one out of my norm but had elements of things that I have prayed to God for. I’m learning in this season that every relationship doesn’t look or feel the same and what’s not your norm may just be whats best for you. Once I had this inside information I didn’t run off in the sunset trying to figure it out. I actually meditated on it for a few days that turned into weeks and eventually months.

So what do you do with this inside scoop? Absolutely nothing! I used the time after a month or so to just bask in God’s Glory and patiently await his next reveal to me which came quite quickly and then didn’t surface again until months later. If I have learned one thing over the past years is that we have a tendency of running ahead of God and trying to figure things out or just trying to make it happen instead of waiting on God’s will to be done. As they say the best things come to those who wait! Oh boy did I wait and have been waiting. A few months ago God began to make things appear clearer and provide a little more in depth about the individual. You see at these last stages I’m able to see his face and identify his spirit.

Stay Tuned for Part Two…..