#GetNoticed and feel Island Clean

My days are spent running back and forth to drop the kids off to school, martial arts, gymnastics, basketball practice, the local market and a host of events all over the Atlanta area. As a single parent all of that could cause extreme exhaustion and many times I search for a way to just relax alone and enjoy some me …

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Fashion & Beauty

Kids Fashion: Swag Monday

Happy Monday! The kids are well into their second week of school and are still excited that school has started. As a mother of three boys it has often been a challenge to find pieces for the boys that didn’t look like crap. If you’re a mother of boys then you totally understand where I am coming from and the struggle with finding cute things for …

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DIY Pizza

The kids all love pizza and love to eat it every chance that they can so I decided to start making pizza at home. Why not? This DIY Pizza recipe is a great way to get your little ones involved in preparing dinner or a snack. You can purchase everything at the store for under $10 and make two pizzas. The great …

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The Kids are Back To School

The alarm sounded at 6:20am and the kids jumped up with joy. My youngest MJ yelled “Schools Today!” The kids wandered around the house prepping for school and quickly dressed and patiently waited for their buses to arrive. This is the first year that  they are going to different schools and riding separate buses. MJ is started second and BJ sixth …

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