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Empire Episode 10: Cookie Skins Boo Boo Kitty, The Lyons Stop Feeding On One Another & Start Hunting For Street Prey While Andre Goes Loco!

Whew! Empire continues to slay us with their real life dramatic episodes. I don’t know about you but honey I can relate to this show on so many levels it ain’t even funny. Hell even if I wanted to fake being a debutante I couldn’t because that’s a role that I could never play not even for a million dollars. …

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Fashion & Beauty

UGG™ Introduces Men’s Spring 2015 Footwear Collection

UGG® (UGG), a division of Deckers Brands is introducing its brand new exclusive technology, Treadlite by UGG™, into its Men’s Spring 2015 collection. The UGG company is fusing athletic sensibilities with a classic twist with their new lightweight and ultra-durable outsole compound shoe. The Treadlite by UGG™ will be made with a new material compound with a rebound and durability that …

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NaturalbabydolHealth & Fitness

Yoga Diary: March Day 2

Oh Day Two of my month two yoga journey was a breeze! We’ll not really! Let’s keep in mind that I made the decision to take on three yoga challenges which means more stretching and more demanding poses. On this day I found that the #FlexiandFitpose for today’s challenge was the easiest one of the day. The Pasdmasana or Lotus Pose (Fish Pose) …

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Health & Fitness

Yoga Diary: March Day 1

Happy Day Everyone! It’s finally March and I have decided to take on three different challenges. Yes you heard me correctly! I was so inspired from last month I want to push myself a bit more. I am joining thousands of fellow yogis on Instagram and we are all taking on several challenges together in fact some are taking on …

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